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Japanese Used Cars Auction houses offer the best cars for your needs. They are dealer to dealer auctions for used cars. We can assist you with your car needs for your personal and business needs. Please check out our car auction services.

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About Us

AA Japan Trading was established in July 2005 by Azuma in Kita Ward of Tokyo. At the time of establishment, the goal was to meet the needs and requirements of sports car fans and Hobbyists of Japanese Animations and Video Game Fans

Over the years since 2005, the company has undergone major changes. Witihn the establishment of one year, it shifted its office and warehousing facilities from Tokyo to Saitama prefecture for larger warehousing and parking facilities. In terms of business, it has moved from dealing with everything 'Made in Japan' to exports of race cars to Australia, New Zealand and UK. At the moment, we mostly deal with exports of regular family and business vehicles to many countries in Asia and Africa. Our business has also moved from a one man show of Azuma to a solid team now which includes the following:

  • Azuma, CEO and IT Operations
  • Aya san, Manager Operations and Accounts
  • Zeb, Purchasing Manager
  • Qamar, Marketing, Sales and Customer Relations Manager
  • Kamran, Sales Executive
  • Yoshikawa san, Office Assistant
  • Ito san , Accounts Executive
  • Inoshita san, Office Assistant
  • Utsugi san, Taxation and Accounts

Over the last 8 years, we have been able to acquire membership to almost every major car auction house in Japan. These auction houses offer over 200,000 units per week. With so many cars on offer, our staff is able to acquire cars at competitive prices for our customers abroad.

Our highly trained staff monitors cars auctions on a daily basis including Saturdays and Japanese National Holidays. Our team for managing car exports consists of following departments
  • Buying and Planning department: This team is mainly responsible for acquiring the type and quantity of cars
  • Selling Department: This team is mainly responsible for dealing directly with our customer base by phone and e-mail.
  • Documentation Department: This team receives documents after car purchases, prepare de-registration and export and inspection certificates and finally ship documents to their respective buyers.
  • Shipment Department: Mainly responsible for both processing local and International shipments.

One service that separates AAJT from its competitors is its highly sophisticated yahoo japan auctions platform for direct buying and bidding from Yahoo Japan Auctions. With a single account, our customers from all over the world are able to place bids on Yahoo Auctions directly. For a very reasonable fee, our customers are able to bid on auctions of their choice at a price thats most suitable to them. Yahoo Japan is famous all over the world for buying car parts for racing cars from all over Japan. You can find just about any type of car parts for your car needs from Japan. We have been able to load those parts for our customers in cars. So far, we have been able to receive over 22,150 positive feed backs for our customers. Over 22,150 happy feedbacks speaks volumes of high quality of service and our customer satisfaction. Anyone interested in buying directly from Yahoo Japan Auctions or any shop in Japan can check out our sister site MailOrderJapan. Our feedback can be directly accessed here for a weekly buying progress. Besides buying directly from Yahoo Japan Auctions, we also provide services for buying directly from Rakuten shopping mall, amazon Japan and a number of shopping services. These shops cover almost any type of business.

AAJT has been successfully managed and led by Azuma since 2005. Azuma himself has a Masters Degree in City Planning from Washington State University. He is a true internet business entrepreneur, self taught IT expert and has been involved in online business since 2002. He is a true team player who considers customer satisfaction as priority No. 1.

We are available by Phone, Fax, E-mail and Live Chat support services.
For our overseas customers, our office is open until 10pm Japan Standard Time, Monday to Saturday.

Below are our contact details
Phone: +81-48-876-8671
Fax: +81-48-876-8672
Live Chat: please click on the Live Chat service
Email: Please use the Contact Us page.

We truly appreciate you visiting our online business and we look forward to very long term and personal relationship with you.

Yours Sincerely,
Azuma and the AAJT Team